Resource LINKs


The Pledge

It is important for our students to continue to say the pledge each and every school day.  Use this link to display a Youtube video of the USA Flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opening Prayer

Start your day with an opening prayer such as the Morning Offering to the Sacred Heart.   For an image of the prayer, please visit:   THIS WEBSITE

A 3-Minute Retreat

Spend some time in a 3-minute Retreat each day.  Spend some time with the Lord!  You can subscribe to their daily e-mail reminders and receive a new retreat each day.

Free Scholastic Curriculum Materials

Try using Scholastic Learn at Home with Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.


EWTN has a great FACEBOOK PAGE for lots of enriching activities.  Masses, Adoration, Rosaries all online and easy to use and share.

BIG UNIVERSE has opened up some of their great learning tools to teachers, students, and families.  Check out BIG UNIVERSE for FREE ACCESS to a 17,000+ leveled e-book library!


Another great resource from has opened up too.   The STRIDE GAME-BASED LEARNING SYSTEM for grades Pre-K to 8 engages students & accelerates learning in math, language arts, reading & science. 

Family Support Resources for Northern Arizona

Mrs. Gaffney sent us a great resource with lots of valuable links.  Check out the FAMILY SUPPORT RESOURCES FOR NORTHERN AZ.